BeSharp Volume I

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20 tracks from some of the best ska/punk/reggae bands in the country.
A few unreleased tracks, a few album tracks, a few classics, a few demos.

Any profit (ha) will go towards putting on gigs and releasing new music

Track Listing:
Popes of Chillitown – Blame Game
Call Me Malcolm – Does my Offbeat Look Big in This?
The Vex – Fool’s Desire
Cabstars – Too Easy
Detached – Maybe Next Time
Eat Defeat – Faithbreaker
3dBs Down – Picking Sides
Tree House Fire - Ruff Tuff Times
Battleska Galactica – Stand Up, Look Sharp
7 Day Conspiracy – So Ridiculous
The Pisdicables – No Way Out of Here
Monkish - 17p for A Freddo
Southport – Bob Marlow
Xup-Sup – Lonely Night
Captain Bastard and the Scallywags – Scallywag Song
Rivalries – Ten Things
The Provokers – You Don’t Have to Fight
Death in the Workplace – Getting Away With Murder
Vibe Dial Circus – Spoonful of Sugar [Demo]
My Third Leg – Yes Please

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